Inversant is committed to helping the entire family invest in higher education.



  • 2009


    40 Lynn families saved over $24,000 in 2009.

    Inversant was founded by social entrepreneur and economist Bob Hildreth, who has long had a passion for financial empowerment and higher education. He previously founded La Vida Scholars program in Lynn to match low-income families’ college savings and propel their children into higher education. La Vida Scholars has sent more than 70 students to college and they have won over $2.6 million worth of scholarships.


    Inversant was invited by the superintendent of Chelsea Public Schools to launch the first city wide college savings program. Over a dozen Chelsea community partners such as Roca and Chelsea Collaborative etc. signed the agreement to support the program.

  • 2010


    180 Boston, Chelsea and Lynn families saved over $70,000 for 200 students in 2010. 24 Class of 2010 students enrolled in higher education.

    Partnered with Metro Credit Union to enroll over 70 Chelsea families. First Inversant Learning Circle started in February 2010.


    Launched college compact program with UMass Amherst and Bunker Hill Community College. Two Chelsea Class of 2010 students received full-ride scholarships to attend UMass Amherst debt-free.


    Inversant partnered with Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) and Trinity Education for Excellence Program (TEEP) to serve over 80 Boston families.

  • 2011


    400 Boston, Chelsea and Lynn families saved over $200,000 for 450 students in 2011. 48 students enrolled in higher education.

    Partnered with Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (BGCB) to recruit 100 families from Yawkey, Blue Hill clubs and Camp Harbor View. Founder Bob Hildreth participated in Massachusetts legislative commission to examine ways to make the state’s public and private scholarship system motivational to low-income families.


    UMass Boston and Salem State University joined college compact program. Four Chelsea students received compact scholarships from Bunker Hill Community College.


    Partnered with KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate to recruit their first class of high school freshman families to save in 529 accounts.

  • 2012


    500 Boston, Chelsea and Lynn families saved over $360,000 for 600 students. 94 students enrolled in higher education.

    Received its 1st national grant, from TG, to underwrite a three-year research study into the impact of family engagement on student outcomes. Winner of the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network’s Excellence in Innovation Award


    Founder Bob Hildreth delivered TEDxNewEngland talk about student loan debt in Boston. First Chelsea 300 club fundraiser breakfast was hosted by City Manager Jay Ash and supported by local business community including Kayem hotdog, Olivia Organics and Berk Salt etc. They have raised $32,000 to match Chelsea families’ savings.


    The Boston Foundation funded a report to investigate Children Savings Account (CSA) design, early scholarship programs and feasibility in Massachusetts to inform the legislative commission.

  • 2013


    600 Boston, Chelsea and Lynn families saved over $375,000 for 700 students. 160 students enrolled in higher education.

    Winner of the College Board’s College Keys Compact Innovation Award in the category of “Getting In”

    SUMMER Presented first year findings from the Chelsea three-year study at National College Access Network (NCAN) conference
    fall Transitioned from partner implementation model to in-house facilitation model and hired two site managers to provide direct service to deepen our community impact.
  • 2014


    700 Boston, Chelsea and Lynn families saved over $525,000 for 850 students. Over 200 students enrolled in higher education.

    Piloted online engagement initiative by sending online e-newsletter and sweepstakes, and producing 3-minute youtube video lessons.


    Launched early saver program for K-8 families to build recruitment pipeline in Boston, Chelsea and Lynn. Presented our children savings account model at National Scholarship Providers Association (NSPA) conference.


    Joined national fundraising network 1:1 Fund. Participated Giving Tuesday campaign and raised over $10,000. The legislative commission passed the report and proposed a bill to launch CSA pilot at five gateway cities in Massachusetts.

  • 2015


    800 Boston, Chelsea, Lynn and Salem families saved over $700,000 for 1,000 students. Over 300 students enrolled in higher education.

    Joined “Campaign for Every Kid’s Future” launched by Prosperity Now at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) America Conference. The Campaign is an ambitious five-year effort to connect 1.4 million kids with savings accounts to help them save for college, build positive aspirations and secure a stronger future. Participated quarterly meetings at New England Children Savings Account Consortium led by Boston Federal Reserve. 


    Advanced the online engagement initiative from sending e-newsletter to developing an online portal to provide more resources to families in addition to the learning circles in the community.


    Changed our name change from FUEL Education to Inversant. Partnered with City of Salem to recruit 100 Salem High School families. Presented our college compact program with Salem State University at National Scholarship Provider Association (NSPA) conference.

  • 2016


    1000 Boston, Chelsea, Lynn and Salem families saved over $900,000 for 1,200 students. Over 350 students enrolled in higher education.

    Welcomed Dr.Charlie F. Desmond, past chair of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education, as Inversant's new Chief Executive Officer. Charlie was appointed chair by Governor Deval Patrick in 2008 after serving as the Executive Vice President of the Trefler Foundation for six year. 


    Selected as a recipient of $100,000 Cummings Foundation grant. Inversant was one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 through the Cummings Foundation's "$100K for 100" program.


    Advanced in the approval of a pilot College Savings Account program for low-income residents in Haverhill, Lowell, Pittsfield, Springfield, and Worcester in the Massachusetts State Budget for 2017. The initiative, funded through public-private partnerships, will provide a matched savings program and financial education curriculum. The 529 college savings accounts will be offered through the Office of the MA State Treasurer, in collaboration with MEFA and Inversant.