“Inversant really brings all the information you could possibly need to one place. That has made a big difference in preparing for college … It’s been eye opening.”


September 2015 Sweepstakes Survey Results

Thank you for participating in our September $100 sweepstakes! A total of 71 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the September newsletter.


Congrats to Our September Sweepstakes Winner
Nestor Falcon!

Coming from Uruguay in hope of providing their children with the best education, Nestor tells us that Inversant has been a great guide in achieving that. He tells us that “coming from a different country, everything is a lot different; there is a different system we needed to learn how to navigate”. Nestor and his family come from the city of Chelsea and have been participating in the program for over 4 years now.

Nestor and his wife don’t have a higher education but say that the best thing they can give their children is an education that will enable them to a better quality of life. Before joining Inversant, Nestor felt very uninformed and confused about the college process. Nestor says, “Inversant gave us a checklist of the things we had to learn about and do every year, it served as a great reminder to do things”. One of the most important things that Nestor felt he has learned is how to save. He tells us that the program showed him the value of saving and motivated him to actually take those steps in opening an account and save every month”.

Nestor’s older daughter, Sophia, has now graduated the program and is currently a freshman at UMass Boston. She is majoring in education in hopes of becoming a teacher. Facundo, their youngest son, is currently a sophomore in high school and beginning to think about the things he wants to do in college.

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