“Inversant really brings all the information you could possibly need to one place. That has made a big difference in preparing for college … It’s been eye opening.”


A productive summer with our Forest Foundation intern, Dominique

The Forest Foundation is an organization that places interns at various non-profit organizations around the Greater Boston Area. Interns are paired with organizations based on their skills, interests, and academic paths. In addition to the internship placements, Forest Foundation also provides their interns with opportunities to develop their leadership abilities and learn more about grant proposals for non-profit organizations.

This summer, Inversant was graced with the presence of Dominique Barreno. Dominique is studying Sociology at Hunter College in New York and this is her first internship through Forest Foundation. She feels strongly about college affordability and was happy to get placed here with us. During her time here, Dominique researched demographics of different cities for the SoarMA program, wrote a grant for Inversant, and visited the Springfield City Hall where she met with the Mayor and Superintendent to discuss how Inversant was spreading awareness of college costs and affordability. She was happy to have he opportunity to be here and told us, "I really enjoyed working directly with my supervisor and community engagement manager, Abbie. Interning at an exceptional non-profit like Inversant, who cares about parental engagement in higher education, has given me a perspective of how non-profits works and operate." Abbie shared the same sentiment about working together; she loved Dominique's willingness to learn and was happy that they were able to form a positive mentor relationship. Abbie's final piece of advice for Dominique is to, "always look for opportunities and don't be afraid to step put of your comfort zone. Even if something doesn't necessarily apply to your future, be flexible and open to change."

Thank you Dominique for all you've done this summer at Inversant. We wish you the best of luck!