“Inversant really brings all the information you could possibly need to one place. That has made a big difference in preparing for college … It’s been eye opening.”


Feature Friday: Bryan Guzman

Bryan Guzman is an Inversant alumnus who graduated from Boston University this past May with a degree in Public Health and Psychology. He originally started out as a Biology major on the pre-med track, but fell in love with Public Health after taking a course in it. He shared a bit about his perseverance within the classroom saying, “When I first came to BU, I was hit with bad grade after bad grade because you’re never really prepared for the rigor of the education here. Eventually I adapted and got high enough marks to where I was able to take elite level classes as an underclassman. The highlight essentially was going from someone who skated by to being someone who set the highest grades in the class.”

Outside of his courses, Bryan was a member of the Red Cross Society and an ambassador for BU’s Multicultural Weekend where he helped students from different backgrounds feel more comfortable on campus. He is currently working as a teacher at the Perkins School for the Blind while taking some time off school to study for his medical school exams. In 10 years, Bryan told us, “I see myself having graduated with my masters in Science and [enrolled] in med school working towards a degree in either Psychiatry or Family Medicine.”