Through our effective combination of savings incentives, financial savvy, and ongoing support, families become fully engaged in the higher education process.


College Compacts

To help our families access an affordable higher education, our College Compact Program connects Inversant families to schools that are committed to providing scholarships to qualified students. Inversant provides recommendations to the families that have successfully completed the program, to be considered for some of these scholarships.

Since 2010, Inversant has partnered with five prominent schools in the Greater Boston area and in 2015, over 50% of our seniors applied to the Compact colleges and received comprehensive award packages from those schools, to reduce their financial gaps. The list below shows the requirements to apply for compact institutions: 

Who are the Partner Institutions?

Click on each of the following to learn more about their admission and financial aid requirements:


  • All Inversant Families that have successfully completed the program
  • Senior families that participate in Inversant’s online newsletter program (which requires an email address)

What is the minimum Eligibility Criteria?

  • Must be an Inversant program family
  • Senior in high school
  • Must be accepted into the partner institution
  • Eligible for Tittle IV federal and state financial aid (MUST submit FAFSA and/or any other additional financial form required by the partner institution)

For more information about the college compacts, please contact Rochelly Araniz.